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African American Gifts and Supplies

An online directory of sources for products, services and events that represent and celebrate wide diversity across the globe.

Gift Baskets Containers

An online directory giving you access to the websites of wholesale containers of all types: baskets, bags, boxes, trays, wire containers, trunks and specialty containers. You may search by type or by state.

Easy Gift Basket Ideas

What do you put in a baby basket? Or a holiday gift basket? How about a money themed gift basket? Learn what goes in these designs and more.


Gift Basket Business World

The shortest distance between you and success is benefiting from the strategies, sources and resources gathered by veterans in the gift basket business. Visit here to get answers to the frequently asked startup questions, discover locations of tradeshows in your state, and find networks of other gift basket professionals. You may also sign up for classes, private consultation, e-courses, our free weekly newsletter as well as visit our blog.

Start a Gift Basket Website

Get our one-of-a-kind report, "Prescription for a Successful Gift Basket Website" and learn

  • How to set up a gift basket website using tested and proven techniques

  • Easy-to-duplicate strategies to attract more high quality web traffic and turn it into customers, profits, and repeat business.

  • Step-by-step action plan to set up the right elements for a profitable website.

  • Exactly how to research your domain name before you spend a dime on high-priced domain providers.

  • Specific ways to set up your products and descriptions to attract customer sales.

  • Uncover insiders' secrets to taming technology overwhelm with getting just the right help without breaking the bank!

  • Exact action steps to get started... and much, much more!



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