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Before you decide if drop shipping is right for you do some research.

1. Identify your niche and explore to see which drop shippers offer that product.


2. Contact the drop shippers you've discovered.

3. Visit their websites. Are they professional and easy to navigate?

4. Look closely at their products. I suggest ordering one to be shipped to yourself , if possible, so you can compare the pictured gift basket with the actual one. This also gives you an opportunity to see how fast and well they ship.

3. Visit their websites and read the agreements.

4. Ask lots of questions and ask for references of retailers who successfully use their service. You should definitely ask about:

  • enrollment fees
  • termination policy
  • minimum orders
  • image and description for your site
  • catalogs or fliers
  • daily shipping cut-off times
  • shipping service provider
  • restocking fees
  • minimum monthly orders
  • packaging labels
  • personalized greetings
  • online tracking options

See drawbacks to get ideas for questions you should ask.

5. Ask lots of questions of the retailers who use this dropshipper, especially about whether the dropshipper keeps its retailers up to date and informed about product changes.

6. Be patient. Thoroughly read the agreements before signing up. It would be beneficial to also have your lawyer examine any agreement so you're clear on the fine print.

7. Decide if the discount will give you an adequate profit. A dropshipper that offers you only 10% off the retail price, for example, isn't make it worth your while. I prefer at least 30%.

8. Is the proposed dropshipper eager to talk to you and explain his service?. If not, don't expect communication to improve after you've signed on with them.

Drop shipping is not for everyone, but it may be another source of revenue that is perfect for your growing gift basket business.

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