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Here's how drop shipping works.

Let's imagine that your drop shipper offers a gift basket design called "Hooray for Hollywwod," that retails for $100.00 at a 35% discount to you.

The drop shipper provides you with the image and you display it on your website, priced at $100.

A visitor to your website orders "Hooray for Hollywood" plus a shipping charge of let's say $16.95 for a total of $116.95. (In this scenario I'm assuming you have a credit card acceptance program in place on your website.)

You send the manufacturer (your drop shipper) an email detailing the order with the recipient's name and shipping destination.

The drop shipper creates the design, prepares the label with your company name as the sender and ships to the recipient within 48 hours.

You receive an invoice from the dropshipper for $65.00 plus shipping of $16.95, for a total of $81.95. You pay the dropshipper $81.95.

You just made a cool 35% or $35 for passing an order on to your drop shipper.

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