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As with any partnership, there are drawbacks to dropshipping.

1. Some require a nonrefundable initial set-up fee.


2. Once you place the order with the drop shipper quality of product and shipping are out of your hands.

3. A slow delivery or botched order by your drop shipper may lose you customers.

4. You are trusting a third party to provide fresh inventory.

5. You and the dropshipper may have different ideas about the value of differing sized gift baskets.

6. The drop ship company may market to your customer and thus lessen your chances for repeat business.

7. There may be a monthly minimum purchase requirement. If you don't have enough orders to meet this minimum, you may your void the agreement.

8. There may be a restocking fee if the customer returns the gift basket.

9. The discount offered by the drop shipper may not be worth it if folks can get the same gift basket or gift item on eBay or on the manufacturer's website.

Here are suggestions on handling dropshipping problems Drop Ship Disasters-- When Things Go Wrong.  

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