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Drop shipping has become a successful addition to the services offered by many startup and veteran gift basket designers and gift retailers alike. And for good reason.

Drop shipping helps you earn profits while avoiding the hassles of stocking, storing and tracking, creating designs, packaging and shipping every design that you sell..

Drop shipping is a mutually agreeable arrangement between the manufacturer or distributor of a product or gift basket design, and you, the retailer

Drop shipping is not to be confused with affiliate programs.

As part of an affiliate program, you place an ad for a company on your site. Visitors go to that company's site to view the products and place their order. You don't have to handle or ship the product. You receive a commission, usually monthly based on whatever agreement you've arranged.

As part of a drop shipping program, you place the images of the products created by the dropshipper on your site, take the order, and accept payment.

Then you notify the drop shipper to send the order directly to the designated recipient and pay the dropshipper a discounted amount for the product.

In both cases, the afflliate or drop ship company fill the order. But with dropshipping you have control over the payment and now have a record of the customer to add to your database.

An additional answer to the question, "What is Dropshipping?"

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