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 Flora Morris Brown

When I began my gift basket business in 1991 there was very little information around for beginners. I combed the phone book and called friends desperately looking for a class, a book... anything.


I had lots of excitement and motivation, but little guidance.

There just wasn't much information out there.

Heck! The Internet was just a baby. The few established designers were naïve. They thought they could ensure their profits by withholding what they knew. They guarded their designs, techniques and sources like war secrets, refusing to give a beginner's spying eyes even one peek.

But thankfully times have changed. You can surf the Internet browsing the thousands of gift basket sellers, read magazines and books, attend seminars, shop at tradeshows and join your colleagues in associations.

But wait... Now you have the opposite problem. There is S-O-O-O much information out there that's it's sometimes difficult to find exactly what you need.

That's what gift basket retailers experience when they search for dropshippers who offer gifts, gift baskets, cookie bouquets and fruit.

Fortunately for you, I love to research. Besides, after over 17 years in the gift basket industry, I've heard of the established companies and keep up with newcomers as they enter the business.

Here at GiftBasketDropshipCompanies you will reap the benefits of my many years of experience as a college professor, gift basket designer, seminar presenter, published writer, retail consultant, and front line experience as a mom of four. is more than just a list.

You will get a description of what dropshipping is, how it works, the advantages and the drawbacks.

I have made every effort to ensure that the companies were in business at the time of publication of this site.

None of these companies paid to be listed here. The companies are listed here for your convenience, but their appearance on this list does not imply my endorsement, recommendation or preference for any company.

We assume no responsibility, and extend no guarantees for information provided.

Your successful partnership depends on your willingness to thoroughly research a company and its policies before you enter a legal agreement.

Thank you and enjoy!

Flora Morris Brown



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